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Youth Music Benefits From £3.4 Million Injection

Youth Music Just Giving

In a recession hit Britain, there is very rarely any good news about funding for the arts. Recently, it was announced that Arts Council England was asked to make 8% cuts, which will be implemented between 2015 and 2016. Projections show that this will cut the amount of National Portfolio organisations by over 1/3. However, a large amount of funding has been brought in from a charitable organisation that is independent from the government, The National Foundation For Youth Music, who have given £3.4million in grants to 85 separate organisations.

Some of the organisations that have benefited from these grants include the East Anglian group Community Music East and Norwich Sound and Vision. The Executive Director of Youth Music, Matt Griffiths, has said “We are delighted to fund these 85 organisations that have shown they will make a real difference to young lives. We’re acutely aware that many organisations are feeling the impact of arts cuts on their funding streams which makes it even harder for us to turn down some applications due to our limitation on funds. However, we’re now supporting our highest number of projects ever at 418 and with our increased emphasis on fundraising, we hope to fund even more in the future.”

Youth Music has aided grassroots music in the UK to the tune of over £18million in the last year, helping 100,000 children and young people. Most of the organisations that Youth Music gives funding to help young people in unique and interesting ways, all of which involve music. For example, Children North East help to establish and strengthen bonds between children and their estranged fathers through music. Meanwhile, Norwich Sound and Vision will use the grant to institute a two year project called “Accelerator”, which will help young people develop their band, DJing or music technology skills, and then refer them on to further opportunities. Youth Music also works with young patients at the Manchester Royall Children’s Hospital.

As well as being fantastically generous, The National Foundation for Youth Music has several celebrity ambassadors. These include comedian Bill Bailey, Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker, and drum ‘n’ bass DJ Goldie. These ambassadors are involved in promoting Youth Music’s message, hosting workshops and meeting Youth Music participants.

As Griffiths stated, these grants are fantastic news for recession hit Britain, where arts funding has naturally felt the brunt of these hard times. Ultimately, The National Foundation For Youth Music see’s the life changing potential that having a creative outlet in your life can have, not just for your wallet, but for your quality of life.

Youth Music accept donations through their official website, so if you have some spare cash lying about, we urge you to consider donating if its possible.

Sean Lewis

In a recession hit Britain, there is very rarely any good news about funding for the arts. Recently, it was announced that Arts Council England was asked to make 8% cuts...

Sean Lewis - 30th August 2013

Article Ref: #2013YouthMusicInjection