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Whitey Reacts to Companies Request for Free Music

Wrap It Up

A talented musician named Whitey has reacted angrily to a company’s request to use his music for free. Betty TV, who are based in London, sent the request some months ago. However, the story has now became news again after it was shared on social media.

Understandably, Whitey was less than impressed with the commercial company’s plan to use the musician’s music for free. As Whitey pointed out, it had taken half of his lifetime to learn the skills that he needed in order to be a successful musician and the music is his own property.

In the open letter, Whitey made it quite clear that he was tired of commercial companies asking to use his work for free. Whitey also made it plain that he would not accept Betty TVs reasoning that they had no budget for music.

As Whitey stated there was no budget for music because Betty TV had not allocated any music budget. The musician also explained to Betty TV that had they wanted to Betty TV could have allocated some money for the music.

While Betty TV was the company in question this time, they are not the only commercial business that expects hard-working musicians to give up the right to their music with little or no money in return.

Whitey made clear his disdain for Betty TV and told them that as a successful, award-winning company they could easily afford to make a music budget available if they wanted to. Whitey also stated that he found Betty TVs assertion that they didn’t have the money was insulting.

Not surprisingly, Betty TVs request was flatly r, and Whitey made it plain he would be sharing his open letter online so that other people could see how musicians are getting abused. Whitey also hoped that the letter might spark a wider debate about commercial entities try to take advantage of musicians.

With the help of social media, the open letter went viral attracting nearly 400,000 page views. When the letter was shared on Reddit, it attracted hundreds of responses from fellow musicians who felt that they too had been exploited by commercial companies.Other commenters also stated that this kind of practice was all too common in the creative industry with graphic designers and independent filmmakers facing the same difficulties.

The request from Betty TV to use Whitey’s music for free and the well thought out response from Whitey has how highlighted an ongoing problem for people in the creative industry, who are often already struggling to make a living.

Perhaps the letter from Whitey - and the viral response it got- might make commercial companies think twice before trying to take advantage of musicians.

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