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Vevo Announce Launch of 24-Hour Digital Music Channel

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Over a week ago online music channel sensation 'Vevo' announced the introduction of a music television service to launch in the US and Canada. Before this moment it was unclear as to whether the UK would also have a chance to tune into the MTV rival, but today it has been confirmed and with some rather interesting comments.

Although a Vevo app has already appeared on the Android mobile operating system that allows VEVO TV to be accessed, Vevo's latest announcement confirming the UK as a targeted destination was not entirely unexpected. In fact the Vevo team state that their reasoning is that the current music television climate in the UK is extremely hard for artists to break into following the demise of 'Top Of The Pops' in 2006. In response to Vevo, rhetorical amongst many broadcasters, the BBC disagrees and advises that UK consumer viewing habits have significantly changed since the 00's and continue to push that users are exponentially consuming music via an on-demand basis.

With the general consensus of the broadcasters thoughts seeming to be, on the whole, negative you would realistically imagine that this would shock Vevo into submission, but this is certainly not the case. Even though the BBC has based their comments on careful analysis of over 250 hours of original music programming per annum, Vevo are still adamant that they really want to feature work from up-and-coming artists from their own experience of 180-200million clicks in the UK each month. Actually, Vevo's exact comment is "Later... With Jools Holland is the only place you can go on free to air that really gives you that [opportunity]" "and we think Vevo is the answer to that and we totally believe there is a place for it." Without prejudice, The Pro Audio Web Blog is looking forward to Vevo appearing on our televisions  - originality is key.

Edd Harris

Intent of providing a music service which integrated with the huge popularity of the YouTube platform, in 2009 Vevo was launched by the creative minds at Sony and Universal Music Group...

Edd Harris  - 9th April 2013

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