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Registered UK Music Downloads Passes 18 Billion

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It has now been formally confirmed that registered and responsible paid UK music downloads have finally passed one billion, a truly awesome figure. ERA, or the 'Entertainment Retailers Association', is the governing body that has independently conducted the research leading to this quarterly report, one which also highlighted a large drop in physical sales of music formats.

Quoting that since 2011 sales of CD's, DVD's, Blu-Ray's and Games have fallen by 17.6%, this is a figure that has reflected and represented itself in the closure of multiple retailers; including the collapse of the high-street giant HMV. Deferring ourself away from discussing the formalities of responsible download figures, it makes complete sense to remind ourselves that if the reported figures of illicit downloading are correct then the UK most likely surpassed the one billion figure many a year ago.

In some sort of continuation, it is a sensible prediction by The Pro Audio Web Blog to suggest that single music files have most likely surpassed close to 40x the figure currently quoted by the ERA. Regardless of this, since 2011 digital sales revenue has increased by 11.4% and even though it is not 100% on target with the physical sales accumulated deflation of approximately 6.2% during the 'digital switchover' crash, it does demonstrate that the music industry is beginning to regain a grip on the potential market.

Edd Harris

With thanks to subscription or marketing based streaming service access models, such as Spotify, Pandora, and Internet based radio, the RIAA recently produced a report showing that these formats accounted for 59 percent of the overall digital...

Edd Harris 10th April 2013

Article Ref: #LegitMusicDownloadsPass18bn