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Twitter Handed ‘Junk’ Status By S&P

Twitter Bird

Twitter’s shares have fallen dramatically following Standard and Poor’s latest rating; S and P have given the social media giant’s debt levels “junk status”. The US-Based ratings agency cited Twitter’s $1.8bn September debt problem as the reason for the poor rating.

According to the BBC, S&P gave Twitter a BB- grading, which places it beneath investment grades. However, S&P also made it clear that it was Twitter’s drive for growth, its recent investments, and sluggish earnings that led to the low grading.

S&P says the social media site’s ratings could be improved if it was to find new income streams and if it introduces new products, however, these changes may take a while.

In a recent blog post, Kevin Weil, Vice President of Products for Twitter, made an announcement about possible future improvements to the social media platform. He said:

“Right now, what you see of the 500 million Tweets published every day is based entirely on who you follow, and that’s a great model for many people. But with that many Tweets every day, there’s no way even the most avid Twitter user will find everything that’s relevant to their interests in any particular moment. That’s why we’re exploring ways to surface relevant Tweets so the content that is interesting to you is easy to discover – whether you stay on Twitter all day or visit for a few minutes – while still preserving the real-time nature of the platform that makes Twitter special.”

Possible features to be introduced on Twitter include the ability for users to record, edit, and add their own videos, personalised timelines, and changes to personal messages. However, as well as the S&P rating, there was more bad news for Twitter. Recently it was announced that the social media has experienced a 7% drop in timeline views, even though the site had more users, and it is also likely that Twitter’s fourth quarter earnings won’t meet their predictions.

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