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Thom Yorke Releases Album on P2P Site

Thom Yorke

The former Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke is to make his latest album available as a BitTorrent bundle. Details of the launch were discussed in an interview with Matt Mason, the chief content officer at BitTorrent.

Mason told the Guardian that he made the agreement with Yorke after meeting with the musician and his producer Nigel Godrich. Mason felt that Yorke would be one of the best artistes to collaborate with due his previous success in releasing his music independently online. In Rainbows, the seventh Radiohead album, was made available as a digital download from the band’s website.

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes is being made available as part of the BitTorrent “Bundles” initiative. As The Guardian explains, the initiative was launched by Mason and allows artistes to make their material assessable to fans. Bundles give fans the opportunity to get access to exclusive material and discounts; artistes that have taken part so far include Madonna, Public Enemy and the Pixies.

Usually, fans are offered access to new music simply by supplying an e mail address, however, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes will be made available for a $6.00 fee.

The initial plan was to release an EP, however, the project went on to develop into a full album. Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes has also been made available from other streaming sites, but it has received mixed reviews from critics.

However, Yorke’s album has proved a hit on BitTorrent. The bundle received more than 50,000 downloads in the early days of release; latest sales figures show that downloads for the bundle now exceed one million, but it is unlikely it will achieve the success of Moby’s BitTorrent bundle, which sold in excess of eight million copies.

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