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Thinksound TS02 Earphones Review

thinksound ts02 review

Let us start out by first outlining what you get when that crucial box pops through your letterbox. When you open your package you will notice an environmentally friendly recyclable box which holds in it a pair of TS02 earphones with a wooden housing and metal to box the 8mm driver, a nice cotton carry-case with Thinksound emblem, four different sizes of earphone pieces (S, M, L & XL) and perhaps the iPhone controller (if you added this to your order).

Superficially the buds come in a choice of two colours, notably 'black chocolate' or 'silver cherry' (picture displayed to the right), both of which are equally made as well and look incredibly stylish. The headphone chord is Kevlar reinforced and anti-tangle free so you can stop being a girl and worrying about if they are too flimsy. With the aesthetics aside what do these bad men sound like? Well... obviously with any new headphones/earphones/monitors/etc. I would recommend at least a fifty-hour burn in time just so that that drivers can seat themselves and acclimatise to providing your ear cannel with some awesome rated 20Hz - 20KHz 'vibrations'.

Now that my pair of TS02's have had this crucial time to settle in, I  easily notice a distinct difference between what they sounded like when they first came out of the box and what they sound like post-burn-in. For the current £59.99 price tag these beauties are a true bargain; they have enough bass to punch a nun into a brothel, have a sizzling top which isn't overhyped and a warm smooth slightly dipped upper mid-range. When I first put on my 'go-to' track for testing (which is Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song' in WAV through a Prism Sound 'Orpheus' via 'Pro Tools'), I was blown away! These earphones do the impossible and have a clarity and detail which makes you particularly notice all of the processes that took so much time during production. The bass lines are bouncy, musical and appear impossibly full for the price, and it really is the bass which accents the true awesomeness of these musically satisfying ear pieces.

As we move away from the test track they perform exceptionally in all music genres, but in heavy rock and electronic tracks they do appear to shine a little bit more. With this noted, I highly recommend that if the parents are out, you have a cheeky five mins on that inter-web thingy, then log your bad self on to YouTube, and smash a big load of that 'Gangnam Style' in your ear holes. The best £60 you ever spent! Another great feature is that the passive noise isolation on the TS02 means that the rest of the world sounds a hell of a lot dimmer which leaves you to your inner piece.

​All in all I love the TS02's and with their nearest competitor being the Woodees 'Classic' for specification, environmentally friendly rating and price I would always go for the Thinksound's because I know they rock. And finally... The Pro Audio Web Blog concludes that if we were Pat Butcher, we'd wrap a big old load of these bad men right around our ear 'oles and start a East-London trend. The Thinksound TS02's are rated full 5/5 and come with a cheeky grin and a cheesy smile.

Edd Harris

Edd Harris - 14th February 2013

US RRP: $74.99 | UK RRP: £89.99

Editors Rating:

Five Star Award