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Streaming Now Counts In The Music Charts

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Earlier this year it was announced that from July 1, music sold from music streaming sites such as Spotify, Deezer, Napster and O2 Tracks would count towards chart positions; on Sunday US singer Ariana Grande was celebrating after making history by becoming the first artist to make the number one spot in the official charts based on both singles sales and streaming.

Grande’s single “Problem” reached the number one position based on a sales figure of 113,000; each 100 streams will now count as one sale. According to the official charts, Grande’s chart success consisted of 6% of streaming.

Commenting on her success, Grande’s manager told the Official Charts website:

"Landing her first Number 1 on the Official Singles Chart is an incredible achievement and another benchmark in the continued global success of Problem.”

The inclusion of streaming in the charts is said to have accounted for 20% of the past weeks top 40 sales; the charts for Sunday, July 6th looked different then they would have done due to the inclusion of the streaming.

Ella Henderson, who became famous thanks to her time on the ITV’s X factor, debuted at number two with her song “Ghost”. The song has proven to be extremely popular having been streamed more than a million times in the past week. Ed Sheeran was at number four this week with his song “Sing”. This track was streamed 1.32 million times, making it the most popular streamed song from the past week. There was more good news for Ed Sheeran this week after his album X topped the charts.

The singer thanked his fans via the Official Charts website. Sheeran also stated that he was pleased to see the rest of his songs from the album are doing so well; all of the tracks from his album now appear in the top hundred due to streaming. The Chief Executive of the official charts, Martin Talbot, said:

“Congratulations to Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea for claiming this landmark Number 1. This is a big week for the Official Singles Chart - and we are delighted that it is such a big week for them too.”

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