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Spotify BandPage

Musicians now have a new way to reach their fans and promote their music thanks to a collaboration between music streaming site Spotify and BandPage. The partnership means that bands aren’t just limited to selling music on their Spotify channel; they can now promote secret shows, VIP experiences, and physical products such as vinyl and band clothing.

The new business relationship between Spotify and BandPage has encouraged artists to get creative with many artists coming up with unique offerings for their fans, for instance singer Miranda Lambert is selling an exclusive t-shirt to her fans.

Bands and solo artists can help to drive fan engagement by offering other exclusive offers such as meet and greets, the chance to work on a new song, or even offer guitar lessons to their fans.

To take advantage of some of the unique offers that musicians will be promoting through the new Spotify and BandPage link up, music fans just need to go to the participating artist’s page and see what they have to offer.

The news comes a year after the announcement that Spotify would be collaborating with TopSpin to allow musicians to sell their merchandise. Spotify says that the new agreement will take this one step further.

In a statement on the Spotify website, the music steaming service stated that neither Spotify or BandPage will be taking any commissions from any of the sales that artists make.

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Spotify and BandPages Join Forces

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 14th August 2014