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Schools Get £18m Music Education Funding Boost

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Budding musicians in the UK are set to benefit from extra funding from the government. In a recent announcement, Education Minister Nick Gibb stated that schools are to get an extra £18 million. This is in addition to the millions that have already been pledged to help support the 123 music hubs around the country.

The government says that this will enable students from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from music education and the funding could result in thousands more musical instruments being assessable via the music hubs.

The Education Minister announced the additional funding shortly after being appointed to his new position in the July government reshuffle.

Commenting in a press release, Education Minister Nick Gibb said:

“No education can be complete without the arts and music playing a central role. That is why we established music hubs to replace a patchy service and ensure every child is given the opportunity to learn an instrument.”

“Music hubs have made a very encouraging start - and now we want to build on that. That is why we are increasing funding by £18 million. No children should miss out on the inspiration and excitement that music can bring to their lives.”

Music hubs were first set up in 2012 and formed part of the National Plan for Music Education. The hubs have helped give nearly 500,000 children the chance to learn an instrument. The hubs also work with choirs, orchestras and bands. Statistics from the Arts Council show that over the past two years the hubs have helped almost 80,000 disadvantaged pupils; thousands of pupils with special educational needs have also benefited.

Commenting on the extra funding, Alan Davey, CEO of Arts Council England, said:

“This is very welcome news, we’re delighted at the increased opportunity it will bring to support all young people to enjoy music and develop their talents through a connected music education landscape.”

“The increase is recognition of the important work of music hubs to make sure that every child has the opportunity to be motivated and inspired by music.”

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