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Roklocker iLok Protection Device Review


This week The Pro Audio Web Blog received a beautiful fresh 'hot off the press' Roklocker. If you are unfamiliar of this product, the Roklocker is fairly new 'peace of mind' product that protects your precious iLok by encasing it in a hardwearing Polycarbonate structure with a snug hard-foam centre.

For those of you who own an iLok, and have invested hundreds of pounds on software that is authorised by it, you will definitely be familiar of the constant worry that it may get damaged due to the nature of its construction. If you have ever knocked, stepped on or accidentally splashed that morning coffee on it then you will know of the stomach churning dread that immediately fills you. I have personally fallen victim to an iLok disaster and if I had a Roklocker at that point then the disaster could well of been avoided.

As you open your parcel from Roklocker you will notice that it is of superior construction and really does look the part... after all it is available in your choice of four different colour combinations. However, installing your iLok into the Roklocker is extremely easy, all you have to do is open the lid with a crosshead screwdriver, carefully push the iLok into the foam, install the four screws and pop in the USB lead. You will find that it only takes a minute of your time to do and the great thing is that the USB lead is designed in such a way that it does not allow the USB exit of the iLok to wiggle about - a particularly common problem in the iLok 1 device which eventually leads to it snapping off and becoming unusable.

Here I should say that I have personally tested the Roklocker, almost to destruction! I have hit it, jumped on it, thrown it and deliberately chucked water all over it, I croklocker reviewan confirm that my iLok 1 managed to survive the bumpy ride, but please don't try this at home as it is not completely indestructible nor watertight.

The main reason why people should by this product is because even if you have purchased Zero Downtime from Pace, if you then actually break your iLok device then you will still will not be able to use your iLok verified software until you have a new device and the licences have transferred. In addition, it is important to note that the Roklocker costs almost the same amount as Zero Downtime, but unlike that paper insurance policy, the Roklocker physically protects your device in the real world and will last considerably longer than a year. This is not to say that if you buy this product then you should not pay for Zero Downtime, because they both combine to make a rock solid insurance policy.

If you think that you can replicate the strength that the Roklocker brings to the iLok USB device, then you are welcome to try, but I can guarantee no household method will both look as good and be as functional in the everyday setting. Realistically if you plan to spend hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on software licences then you should have the very best ways of protecting your investment and the Roklocker really does live up to our expectations. It does what it says on the tin and The Pro Audio Web Blog rates this a 'highly recommended' 5/5 product.

Edd Harris

Edd Harris - 14th January 2013

Global RRP: £17.99

Editors Rating:

Five Star Award