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Q Acoustics BT3 Wireless HiFi Speakers Review

Q Acoustics BT3


Q Acoustics BT3 Review: The Q Acoustics BT3 standalone wireless HiFi bookshelf speakers may be compact, but they sport excellent connectivity and huge sound without any additional equipment. The BT3's are an award winner for sure.

Review Preface:

Q Acoustics, the renowned HIFI manufactures, have adapted their skill set to a product that seems to lend itself to almost every audio application you would require. The BT3’s are apparently able to be a replacement for your TV sound bar or speaker system, as well as making the perfect addition to your HIFI audio installation. If that wasn't intriguing enough, they also have the latest BlueTooth technology to easily connect to you phone/tablet, for even greater usability. A promising product with lots of features to use and we have great optimism for the Q Acoustics sound from the previous review of the Concept 20’s.

Unboxing, Features, and Build Quality:

Straight out of the box the Q Acoustics BT3’s look spectacular, their compact design almost seems impossible when you think about the technology they have managed to pack in to them and if you’re picky about colours they come in; red, black, and white. With the BT3 speakers you receive the connecting speaker cable, RCA Phono inter-connectors, 3.5mm jack to jack connector as well as the sleek remote control and a EU/UK power chord. The BT3’s are extremely simple to set up and you will be listening to your music in seconds. All the I/O and controls are situated on the right channel speaker, as this is the active module that powers the left speaker unit. The BT3’s are able to power 50W per channel, more than enough for home audio applications.

On the right speaker you can choose how to connect your BT3’s to your required system. You can choose from RCA, Optical, Line In (3.5mm Jack) or aptX BlueTooth V4.0. Additionally if you have a subwoofer to connect, Q Acoustics have included a crossover output over RCA to integrate into your sound system. Once you have chosen you audio input method, you need to select the source, with either the buttons situated on the top of the right speaker or via the Q Acoustics remote. The indication of source is shown via a LED, that changes colour and flash speed depending on the input source selected. For example when using BlueTooth input, the speaker shows a steady blue light once the speakers are successfully paired. The function buttons for source, volume and power all feel secure and well seated into the housing of the unit. The controls are part of a simplistic but compressive interface that Q Acoustics have designed brilliantly. Moving on to the remote the same design and functionality praise is required. The remote is responsive immediately to your commands and is small and compact and is a perfect addition to the BT3’s.

Sound Quality and Performance:

As mentioned before, the BT3’s are capable of a power output of 50W per channel. This is enough to fit the requirements of most home users, however when driven hard they astounded us at how much we could push them, whilst remaining fidelity and control over the entire spectrum. So from the start the BT3’s had already exceed our expectations. After arranging the speakers on my desk I was first of all blown away by the sound stage the BT3’s produce. With a clear stereo image that works as well for TV and films as it does music.

For music the low end is balanced and does not take over or mask frequencies as similar products of this kind tend to do. The mid range is slightly more forward in the spectrum and this may be because of the market it is design for, as a option to replace your TV’s sound bar. However the over all sound of the BT3’s is enjoyable and makes for easy listening for all content we used in our testing. Whether it be a TV show, the latest Hollywood block buster or the newest chart single, all of these applications will be enhanced by the BT3’s.

For my audio source we used all the audio input methods but where most interested to see how the BlueTooth would preform. The BT3’s paired quickly to both portable devices and computers quickly and stably. During play back the audio source is best to be located nearer the right channel, however the connection is strong enough to be sat under 10 feet away. Q Acoustics’ are utilising the aptX codex when transmitting, of which really boosts the performance compared to other Bluetooth enabled devices.

Review Conclusion:

HIFI and TV speakers are a very specific choice, and the array of applications the BT3’s lend themselves to makes them a simple and obvious choice for your home system. An all in one set of speakers you can use for almost everything, with out compromising fidelity or performance. Fantastic design and sound coupled with brilliant functionality makes the Q Acoustics BT3 a certain 5 star rating!

Chris Pavey

Chris Pavey - 20th August 2014

UK RRP: £349.00

Editors Rating:

Five Star Review
Q Acoustics Wireless HiFi Speakers Review
5/5 stars
The Q Acoustics BT3 standalone wireless HiFi bookshelf speakers may be compact, but they sport excellent connectivity and huge sound without any additional equipment. The BT3\'s are an award winner for sure.