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UK Prime Minister Announces Music Video Censorship

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Some time ago, Prime Minister David Cameron made a pledge to prevent children from viewing unsuitable content online. Now, as part of that commitment, David Cameron has announced that from October some online videos will come with an age classification.

The pilot scheme will involve YouTube, Vevo and the British Board of Film Classification. The prime minister said that online videos should be subject to the same conditions as offline material and he also said that he banned his own children from watching some music videos due to their content.

Commenting on the challenges of modern day life, David Cameron said:

“..Helping families with children and parenting shouldn’t stop at childbirth. To take just one example - bringing up children in an internet age, you are endlessly worried about what they are going to find online. So we’ve taken a big stand on protecting our children online. We’re making family friendly filters the default setting for all new online customers, and we’re forcing existing customers to make an active choice about whether to install them.”

“And today we’re going even further. From October, we’re going to help parents protect their children from some of the graphic content in online music videos by working with the British Board of Film Classification, Vevo and YouTube to pilot the age rating of these videos.”

The videos will be subject to the same guidelines as films and other media when it comes to age classification. In addition, music videos that might contain unsuitable material for younger children that are sold on disc will also need to be labelled.

A spokesperson for the British Board of Film Classification said that if the pilot was successful then it might urge digital music services to implement blocking features so that parents can block children from viewing content that might be considered unsuitable.

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