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Mercury Nomination Does Little To Boost Record Sales

The Mercury shortlist, which was released in September, has done little to boost the record sales of some of the musicians nominated. According to The Guardian, figures from the Official Charts Company show that a quarter of the Mercury finalists only managed to sell an additional 1,000 copies of their albums.

Anna Calvi and Young Fathers are two of the artistes that only saw a modest increase in sales following their Mercury prize nomination. Calvi only sold 800 additional copies of her One Breath album after her nomination, and East India Youth’s Stolen album sold just 765 copies more.

However, it was better news for Royal Blood, who sold more than 59,000 copies of their album since their nomination, but the album was already dominating the official music charts anyway.

FKA Twigs and Damon Albarn also saw a considerable increase in their sales after their nomination; Katie Tempest and GoGo Penguin doubled their sales.

Analysts point out that the lack lustre sales isn’t due to the Mercury Prize nomination, but it does show how the music industry is changing with album sales continuing to be on the decline.

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