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KRK RP6 Monitor Speakers Review

krk rp6 review

The KRK RP6’s (Rokit Powered) are from a range of monitors from the KRK brand which I have been using for over 3 years now. I have loved the sound of these monitors ever since I first used them. I have ran many studio sessions with these, and have had the pleasure of using other KRK monitors from the same range such as the RP6’s respective smaller and bigger brothers the RP5’s and RP8’s.

The signature yellow cone enclosed in the jet black speaker housing looks brilliant! Along with the illuminated KRK logo these monitors certainly look the part! The housing consists of a woofer (50W) and a tweeter (18W). The tweeters are placed slightly differently to some monitors in the housing along with the fact the alternate design of the dome and a curved front baffle allow for a wider sweet spot for the listener.

On the back plate we notice that there are two controls for -30dB to +6dB gain adjustment, which allows for extended control over your gain structure, plus a high frequency adjustment control for frequencies above 2kHz. These controls hand over some command of the sound to adjust the monitors to your monitoring environment. As well as the controls there is the obvious power switch and balanced XLR input as well as RCA phono and 1/4 inch TRS balanced jack inputs. So the RP6’s can fit into most setups easily.

As I have said, in my work over the last 3 years I have used these monitors extensively. I have also had access to a broad spectrum of different monitors to compare the sound too other monitors, both budget and pro.

To begin, the bass, you wont be getting that gut-punching low end out of these monitors due to the size of the woofer. However the bass is in no way lacking. At low volume the bass sounds very thick however crank up the volume and it does start to flatten out. Mid and highs do sound detailed and clean. Mixing vocals through these are a pleasure and I have produced some fine mix’s through them. As I said with the bass, push these monitors to far and they do start to flake around the edges. The sound will start to lose some of its clarity, but I wouldn’t see many engineers worth their salt mixing at maximum level. The tech specs for the RP6‘s quote a frequencies response of 49hz to 20khz and a maximum SPL of 107dB.

When placed in a adequate listening environment, and angled into the proper monitoring position the stereo field is good, with a believable phantom image. The signal is not obviously colored and gives a more than adequate sonic representation of your recordings.

As with all monitors expensive or budget, its down to does it let you create a great mix?I I feel the KRK RP6’s allow me to do this. Yes I will be acquiring more monitors in the near future, but I wont be retiring these anytime soon. For a pair of monitors that are around the £300 mark, you certainly get a lot for your money. The RP6’s have a great tone that gives you brilliant fidelity when mixing and I believe have helped me create great mixes and I’m sure many would agree with me. The Pro Audio Web Blog rates them 5/5!

Chris Pavey

Chris Pavey - 16th January 2013

US RRP: $399.00 | UK RRP: £309.00

Editors Rating:

Five Star Award