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KRK KNS 6400 Headphones Review

krk kns 6400 review

Straight out of the box the KRK KNS 6400’s look extremely professional and seem of a sturdy construction. It has detachable headphone cable with the now standard screw on 1/4 inch adapter. It’s large foam cups create outstanding isolation to block ambient noise and allows the user to immerse themselves in their mix. Or to allow yourself to be very antisocial!

From using many different sets of headphones throughout my sessions in the studio I have, and i’m sure many of you will agree with me, had to remove headphones after a short while because of discomfort or irritation to the ears. This can be frustrating especially if for some reason they are your only monitoring solution at that moment. I am pleased to say I have sat for over an hour with these headphones on, with no notable discomfort or irritation. The lightweight but strong design coupled with a flexible headband creates a comfortable fit for your head. However the detachable cable lets the side down for me as it is rather lengthy can often get in the way. I would have much preferred a coil style cable, but this is all down to personal preference.

When in the studio I normally provide my artists with the standard pair of Beyerdynamic DT100’s, however in one session, I gave a vocalist a pair of 6400’s. Just to see how they shape up whilst tracking. The artist said the listening environment was brilliant and when an artist is comfortable with the sound they are getting and that the performance is 100% better. Tracking with these headphones has provided me with good results, I wouldn’t kit the studio out with them but its always good to know the boundaries and versatility of your tools - 'a poor tradesman always blames their tools'.

Presently I mix with a pair of KRK RP6’s which I love for the sound they punch well above their weight in price. From placing the 6400’s on your ears is it immediately noticeable that they attempt to replicate the same high quality sonic architecture that the RP6’s demonstrate. Of course its not going to be like strapping a pair of near-field monitors to your head, but for headphones they do the job fairly well. KRK state a 10 Hz to 22 KHz frequency response, this is a wider band than some of the other headphones, of the same standard, that are out there. The reason for this is so that that the headphones can replicate a faithful signal within the 20 Hz - 20kHz that the human ear can hear. Further to add, the signal that these headphones produce is seemingly 'flat' which allows a near possible representation of the audio you originally recorded, with very little coloration. Mainly the presentation of audio within the mid-range frequency boundaries was absolutely beautiful, when replaying m my mixes the vocal lines shine through with a wonderful clarity and vibrance. However, I wish I could be so praising of the low end, here they lack some punch and whilst you don’t want bass heavy monitoring headphones, you do need to hear the low end! With this being said the over all audio quality is very good, not outstanding, but remembering these headphones are £84.00, you get a lot of quality for the amount of money you part with.

Whether your tracking or monitoring all engineers want the highest fidelity between your outputs and your ears. A weak link in your audio chain can cause many issues in perceiving your mix. Picking the right headphones for what you work best with is a tricky task, the KNS 6400 are not the only headphones out there in this price range, and there are many superior monitoring headphones out there. I wouldn’t rush out to replace your studio with KNS 6400’s. However by no means push these aside. In conclusion, for the price they are an outstanding piece of equipment and I am (and will) be using these again in… With a few minor downfalls but with many positive qualities the Pro Audio Web Blog gives the KRK KNS 6400’s a well earned 4 stars.

Chris Pavey

Chris Pavey - 21st December 2012

US RRP: $149.00 | UK RRP: £84.00

Editors Rating:

Four Star Award