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Jack White Cuts Single In Under Four Hours

Jack White

With record store upon us American singer songwriter Jack White of the former The White Stripes has cut a two track single from start to finish in under four hours.

At 10am White took to the stage at Nashvilles Third Man Records to perform the name day track from his forthcoming Lazeretto album, and a special B-Side cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Power of My Love’. Behind the scenes, the FOH live sound was fed in real time to an acetate master disk cutter where fans could monitor its performance on a television outside.

Following an incredible performance the master disk was rushed to the Nashville United Record Pressing Plant where mass production begun. Three hours and fifty-five minutes later the first batch was delivered to Third Man Records where the ordeal set the Guinness World Record for fastest single release ever.

In an interview White spoke of the stress he, and his team, were under just hours before the main event: We had a horrible moment last night about 11 p.m. where the record cutter, the cutting mechanism blew up," "So the only other cutter we had that we could use that was in town was a mono head, so we actually cut this single in mono, which I think is actually even cooler than the way we were gonna do it.”

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