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Game Music Connect Begins Ticket Sales

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On the 9th of September this year, Games Music Connect have announced they will be hosting their first session in the Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room. The event will cater to aspiring and professional composers who are interested in working on video game soundtracks, as well as hosting many esteemed names within the industry, such as the audio director from Microsoft and the composer from the Halo series, who will be giving talks throughout the event.

Other composers that will speaking about their personally journey into soundtracking video games include Jason Graves, who sound-tracked the Tomb Raider series, and Jesper Kid, who’s work can be heard in Assassins Creed. Along with 4 other speakers, all of whom have used their talents to soundtrack some of the most recognisable franchises in the video game industry, will discuss their influences and inspiration, and reflect on the past, present and future of video game music design.

Additionally, there will be more speeches from some of the industry’s top Audio Directors, such as Adele Cutting from EA, who will be talking about topics such as the business, technical and creative aspects of music within the development process of video games. Audio Directors decide who does what and when they do it, so hearing these people’s advice would be invaluable to anyone considering working on the musical side of the video games industry.

On top of speeches where audio directors and composers will share their expertise, The Music Production Manager from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and the Audio Director from Microsoft Studios will be talking about their roles within these organisations and working with in-house and freelance composers. These talks will include advice on the kind of skills, qualities and portfolio they expect from people who are seeking a career as a video games composer.

There will also be talks on the intricacies on scoring games so that they successfully react to what the player is doing, from speakers such as Richard Jacques and Jason Graves.

A spokesperson from Games Music Connect has called video games composers “the unsung heroes” of the industry, and this very much well be the case. Video games are now a staple of popular culture, with many old people’s homes stocking Wii’s, and everyone and their mothers having played at least one game on their smartphones. It also would not be a stretch to say that video game music is some of the most recognisable in popular culture. According to one of the masters of video game soundtracks, Koji Kondo, Paul McCartney sang him the theme tune to Super Mario Bros. when he met him; a testament to the impact the soundtrack has had on popular culture. In short, video game soundtracking is a lucrative and expanding industry, and if one wishes to become involved, this event is unmissable.

“Early Bird” tickets are available from Games Music Connect’s website at just £99. Upon registering you will receive a download code for a 17 track sampler redeemable at the event, and a chance to win Lexicon’s PCM total bundle. However, this offer is only available until the 25th of August, so get in quick!

Sean Lewis

On the 9th of September this year, Games Music Connect have announced they will be hosting their first session in the Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room. The event...

Sean Lewis - 5th August 2013

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