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Fun. Some Nights Album Review

fun some nights review

Whilst I sit in my chair right now I am still intently listening to the Fun's. 'Some Nights' album. Despite the fact that I have played it non-stop for the past couple of months I have found its charm to be drawing some kind of addiction of the musical variety.

Currently playing in the background is the track 'We Are Young' featuring Janelle Monáe, a track that brought Fun. to autumnal fame. Following radio play, Fun. has seemed to gain a huge amount of respected attention in the music industry with its clever record production techniques and well constructed tracks. Subsequently, this has lead this album into becoming a major 2013 Grammy nomination.

On the whole the Indie Pop album does have some interesting unique identity about it that sets it apart from the crowd. The most noticeable effect is the use of the voice manipulating garble we most famously recognise as 'auto-tune'. With this effect first being showed off by T-Pain, the father of auto-tune for artistic effect, in recent years we have seen it play a predominant role in the 'pop' meta-genre. As musicians voices become further and further away from what can be considered as natural, Fun. does employ some sort of progressive strategy within the development of the album which, has to be said, pushes the acceptability and credibility of lead singer Jack Antoff. As the album progresses to the end it does however return back to the more natural vocal rhythm which is a welcoming structure. It has to be said that I do think that it progresses too much particularly in the track 'It Gets Better' (track five) and at times the auto-tune function can ruin the entire track when Fun. suddenly decides to implement auto-tune on the vocals midway through a track - the track I name and shame here is 'Stars'. I really do wish that this album did leave the artistic effect of auto-tune to T-Pain as it can often make you reach for the 'Next Track' button so that you avoid the tediousness bad Cher(esque) vibe.

When you listen to the 'Some Nights' on a decent sound system you can tell that the mastering is exceptionally good and has not been squashed beyond the point of no return. Here there is a bit headroom with some very clean transients in the background instruments such as claps. The tracks on this album also do sound rather radio friendly but the majority are a little bit lengthy for being totally friendly.

Placing the above aside we notice the fact that a lot of the tracks have some really catchy melodies with easily rememberable lyrics. If you so wish then you will easily feel able to do your karaoke routine whist the tracks are playing.

fun.When we start with the initial introduction track - 'Some Nights Intro' I felt like there was a bit of a Queen Freddie Mercury vibe going on. Between me and my partner we could not decide if we liked this fair-ground cabaret feel to opening the album, we were torn in half. It is very much like having a fairgorund master introduce you to his minions in a grandiose kind of presence. This does kind of pose up as a link to later on in the album with the refreshing presence of children becoming the backing vocalists to Antoff's lead in the track 'All Alright'.  This presence is so nice that it does stand out from the crowd.

My favourite tracks within this album are without a doubt 'Some Nights', 'We Are Young', 'Why Am I The One',  and the almost live version of the end, and bonus, track 'Out On The Town'. This is one track that must not be missed.

Overall I do really rate this album for so many attributes but it could become something more epic. I am really looking forward to the next album but I do hope that they leave the auto-tune toy in the corner this time. Overall I rate this album a 4 out of five - just.

Edd Harris

Edd Harris - 10th December 2012

US RRP: $9.99 | UK RRP: £5.99

Editors Rating:

Four Star Award