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Ethnic and Gender Diversity in the Music Industry


A new government report has revealed that the music industry does well in some aspects of equality, but in other areas it is sorely lacking. According to the report issued by the DCMS more women than men are employed in the music industry and they hold more than 50% of the jobs.

In recent years, the number of women working in the music industry has increased; in 2011-2013, the number of women working in the music business has increased by almost 20%.

This means that 124,000 jobs in the music industry belong to women, while 119,000 jobs are held by men. However, the report does not clarify how senior these job positions are so it is not clear how many women hold senior positions in the music industry. Nevertheless, these figures put many other creative industries to shame.

For instance, the IT, software and computer industry is dominated by males and employs less than 20% of women; there were also less women employed in publishing, advertising and marketing, film, TV and radio and in architecture. Another area that has a strong female representation is the museums, galleries and libraries sector with 58,000 women being employed compared with 27,000 men.

However, the music industry shows little in the way of ethnic diversity with white people claiming 93% of the jobs. According to government statistics, less than 7% of jobs in the music, performing and visual arts industries where held by people that were black, Asian or minority ethnic or BAME.

While these figures show a small increase in the number of BAME employees, this doesn’t disguise the fact that more than 93% of people employed in the music industry are white. This equates to 227,000 jobs in the music industry belonging to white people, while just 16,000 black, Asian or minority ethnics are employed in the industry.

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