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Equator Audio D5 Monitors Review

equator audio d5 review


Equator Audio D5 Review. The Equator Audio D5 active nearfield monitor speakers are an excellent choice for the budget conscious and pack a serious punch.

Review Preface:

Everyone whom works within the wonderful world of record production or post-audio production will highlight the importance of having a solid universal pair of monitor speakers that work well within a variety of environments. Likewise, finding that one pair that can live up to the expectations in a critical listening environment for under £400.00 can certain be a tough choice to make. However you should wait no more as a new contender has entered the ring with a cracking pair that goes by the name of ‘Equator Audio’ with their ‘D5’ monitor speakers.


Arriving as a pair, the Equator Audio D5’s are adequately protected from the elements, wrapped in a protective cloth, and suspended with polystyrene. A really great feature that the monitors come with is a pair of branded ‘Equator Audio’ foam wedges to enhance performance for when they are located on a desk. During use they did show that they were very useful, and that Equator Audio care about the environment in which their speakers are to be used in. All in all there was nothing remarkable about the package.

Features and Build Quality:

Merging a combined five-inch coaxial driver design into a small footprint, these D5 beauties pack some serious punch that is exceptionally well complimented from a mixture of a front firing bass reflex port, and a three-way user configurable DSP proximity switch. Essentially the coaxial mounting design is used here to attempt to reduce the mid-range frequency occurrence that can happen with other separate driver/tweeter combinations, and it clearly works well.

Now taking a look at the materials used to construct the D5’s, Equator Audio has used a silk high frequency tweeter that sits bang in the middle of the bass driver. Resulting in a sound source that is emitted from a single point common phase issues are prevented, and for a much more affordable price. Likewise the cabinet is made from a standard wood (MDF) composite material that is covered with a textured grey veneer. However, the D5 as a unit feels extremely hardy and resistant to minor wear and tear over years of use where the entire external and internal structures are of high quality for an affordable price.

With room for both balanced TRS, and XLR input jacks the connectivity accommodates two different varieties that can suit the consumers taste, or can indeed be used to connect two audio input sources. Power supply comes from an unremarkable kettle lead input that can draw up to 5 Amps, and all of the connectors are seated well into the design of back-plate that is also used as a heat-sink for the powerful internal amps.

Sound Quality:

First off, as we would hope for, the clarity is excellent where critical listening is required. In fact it becomes such a simple pleasure that you will often find yourself wanting to use the D5’s right around the clock. One particular special area is how well the crossover point is tuned, because the mid-range comes across as being sweet and the bass sits there bold as brass complimenting the warm high-frequency sounds from the tweeter. It actually draws your attention to those tiny nuances that come together to make music.

A feature that was met with a suspicious wonder was the boundary switch. This allows the user to switch between settings for the placement of the speaker, in a corner, in front of a wall and free standing. The difference was noticeable and gives the monitors a wider user base as well as being able to be situated anywhere and still maintain a true and usable sonic representation of your work. The sound stage of the D5‘s, when set correctly, is centred, not overly wide and totally believable. However I believe this will only remain true if used in the small studio or post-production suite given the small size of the speakers. Regardless, they can still throw an excellent presentation at high listening volumes.

The shear power these monitors pump out is staggering when you compare output to size. I found low frequencies beginning to breaking up when pushed hard, however from a 5inch coaxial driver this was not surprising. As said previous, the crossover point is the best I have herd from a pair of monitors, allowing detail analysis across the spectrum, which as we all know is vital to an accurate mix. Honestly speaking, the fidelity of these monitors is truly spectacular as they lift the vale on music and bring a gracious experience to mixing and production that I have rarely felt in a studio environment.

Review Conclusion:

Many mid-range monitors have graced my ears and none so far have had quite the same reaction from colleges and myself when using the D5’s. They have an extremely strong sound with fine detailing that easily leads to you find yourself constantly switching between them even when you own speakers at six-times the price. The Equator Audio D5’s are an brilliant product and has left us no choice but to award a 5 star review.

Chris Pavey

Chris Pavey - 9th August 2013

US RRP: $399.99 | UK RRP: £386.22

Editors Rating:

Five Star Award
Equator Audio D5
5/5 stars
Equator Audio D5 Review. The Equator Audio D5 active nearfield monitor speakers are an excellent choice for the budget conscious and pack a serious punch.