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Cassettes, CD’s, and Vinyl Up Amongst Young Adults

Vinyl Record Player

With music streaming and virtual music download stores cashing in on users spontaneity and the on demand culture, research by the ICM Group has surprisingly shown that the 18 to 24 year-old age group is more likely to buy a physical copy of music.

Out of the 2,030 young adults surveyed, 23% purchased a lossy cassette tape, 57% bought a CD, over half bought a vinyl record, and, strangely enough, only 39% had bought an online music download.

What this survey clearly shows us is that, despite living within an iTunes generation, the crucial age group that grew up alongside the growth of an online music industry still ops for a physical copy. Saying this the same report highlighted that 15% of consumers who purchased a physical format copy have no intention of ever listening to it, the copy just exists as a copy and acts as objet d’art; sitting on a record rack or bookshelf gathering dust, failing that, framed.

Within this surveyed age range it appears as if they are somewhat an exception to the rule in many respects. For example, when it comes to buying music the general consensus amongst all the age groups is that 41% spend more online in a single visit compared to 29% in store whereas 18 -24 year-olds have a tighter grouping spending 34% online and 30% in-store in a single visit. Typically 11% of in-store record purchases are from supermarkets, 6% at HMV, and another 6% at independent record stores.

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