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The BPI Continues To Crack Down on BitTorrent Sites

In yet another court battle with the online pirates, today the BPI has sought another barrage of court orders against three BitTorrent sites that are claimed to facilitate and network the illicit download of DRM free music. Where peer-to-peer networking was once used to aid businesses share files without let or hindrance, in recent years its use has been exploited to undoubtedly play a major role in the withering international music industry.

Whilst peer-to-peer networking is now a huge activity in the private homes of many, the problem for the music industry is that it needs to claw back some self respect from the consumers and attempt to rebuild the industry to as it was seen in the 90's. The problem with this is that it really is difficult to prove what peer-to-peer networks or torrent sharing sites are actively aiding and abetting music piracy. With this being said the BPI, amongst many other leading music industry individuals, are keen to cast a flame on its killers and for a few years now they have fought harder than ever.

In the past the BPI has had a handful of successful wins against some of the biggest piracy players including notorious 'The Pirate Bay' and 'Newzbin2'. This time around the guns are aimed at the torrent sharing sites 'Fenopy', 'H33t and 'Kickass Torrents', and even so early in speculation would suggest that their file sharing operations will be damaged in some way, especially considering that it is the talks between the BPI and the ISP's that first hand can chose to block their customers traffic to the sites.

Edd Harris

Edd Harris 20th Febuary 2013

Article Ref: #BPIContinueCrackDown