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BBE SonicMax Pro For iOS Review

bbe sound

When first opening this app you will most likely notice BBE's, easy on the eye, signature red application skin which is easy on the eye, navigationally intuitive and usually the first colour a user would associate with a pro-audio application.

If you are using this app on an iOS device, then you will clearly identify the parallels between the navigation system of Apple's preinstalled 'Music' application and the 'SonixMax'. However, sadly this is really the best quality of the app. When you navigate to the settings window you are able to select a preset depending on the devices output. The available presets are for 'Earbuds/Earphones', 'Headphones', 'External Speakers' and 'Dock', and whilst it would be foolish to assume that these presets would be perfect right at the start or 'universal', BBE really could have done a lot better with these.

If you select the 'Earbuds/Earphones' setting there is a nice illustration of a pair of Apple earphones, suggesting that this was the main calibrated use for this function, however with this configuration the app boosts the bass level to an unreasonable level and manages to cloud the clarity of the bottom end. Whilst the bass is severely effected the top end is slightly attenuated as to kick the mid range into a position which makes the overall image 'warm'... But horribly warm. With this setting active I have tested it a number of earphones/earbuds ranging from the apple standard right the way up to some extremely expensive choices - none of which sounded remotely better than Apple's preinstalled 'Music' app.

bbe sonic max pro reviewWith this dissatisfaction in hand I thought that this would be my queue to implement some of my expertise and experience by  going to the sound settings and modifying the various ambiguously named settings. This was fruitless. At no point did I like the effect of what any of the settings did to the sound and quite often what sonic effect they had on the music was confusing.

After accounting for the above, and facing serious doubts about the applications performance, I manned the settings for 'headphones' and the other various external outputs... As before I tested its capability on a wide range of outputs from budget to seriously pro gear and came to the same conclusion over and over again. If anything it made me want to immediately delete it off my iPhone.

All in all I would liken this app to one of those times when you ask someone if sound sounds sonically better at a higher amplitude, even those who are particularly prone to the placebo effect, I would say that even they would struggle to notice any improvement at all over Apple's standard 'Music' app. If you are looking for an app that really does something special to the sound without all the fuss then you should download 'Air Vinyl'; a music app that was designed by Air studios. Overall The Pro Audio Web Blog rates BBE's SonicMax 2/5.

Edd Harris

Edd Harris - 13th February 2013

US RRP: $0.99 | UK RRP: £1.99

Editors Rating:

Four Star Award