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U2 Album Giveaway Causes a Stir

Apple U2 Giveaway

It seems that some music fans aren’t impressed with a free give away that was launched shortly after Apple announced plans for the new iPhone 6. While most people have heard of U2, it seems that many people haven’t, and they were less than impressed when they were given a free U2 album.

The album is available to anyone with an active iTunes account and to anyone who signs up in the next five weeks, however, some people found that the album was already appearing in their music library within two days of the announcement from Apple.

According to Bloomberg, a total of 500 million music lovers were given the new album, but the free gift was not appreciated by everybody. Some users were unhappy because tracks could be downloaded automatically, which used up the limited storage space that comes with Apple devices. However it seems that the free giveaway caused the most dismay among the younger fans who didn’t understand who the famous band were.

Social media was awash with comments from disgruntled users who couldn’t understand why they had been free album from a band that they weren’t familiar with. One Twitter user took to the site to demand to know who U2 was, while another suggested that putting a U2 album on their iTunes account “was the worst prank ever”.

In a statement issued on the official U2 website. Bono said:

“Remember us? Pleased to announce myself, Edge, Adam and Larry have finally given birth to our new baby… Songs of Innocence. It’s been a while. We wanted to get it right for you/us. We just finished it last week and thanks to Apple and iTunes it’s with you today. That’s already amazing to me as it normally takes a few months to turn this stuff around.

Part of the DNA of this band has always been the desire to get our music to as many people as possible. In the next 24 hours, over a half a billion people are going to have Songs of Innocence… should they choose to check it out. That is so exciting. People who haven’t heard our music, or weren’t remotely interested, might play us for the first time because we’re in their library. Country fans, hip hop afficionados from east LA, electro poppers from Seoul, Bhangra fans from New Delhi, Highlifers in Accra… might JUST be tempted to check us out, even for a moment. What a mind blowing, head scratching, 21st century situation. Over 500 million people… that’s a billion ears. And for the people out there who have no interest in checking us out, look at it this way… the blood, sweat and tears of some Irish guys are in your junk mail.”

Neither Apple nor U2’s record label Island have commented on the giveaway or the fan’s reaction to it.

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