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Amazon Prime to Launch New Music Streaming Service

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It has been widely reported that Amazon are soon to launch a music streaming service. The Internet behemoth has reportedly already reached agreement with major record labels such as Sony Music Entertainment and the Warner Music Group. It is also thought likely that Amazon has been in discussion with many more major and independent record labels.

The new service is likely to be launched in summer 2014 and will be made available to Amazon Prime members. However, Amazon has yet to make an official statement regarding the news so full details are not available as yet.

As reported on Buzzfeed, Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to access the music on- demand. Amazon’s approach will mean that subscribers will only be able to access releases that are at least six months old or older, so music lovers won’t be able to stream the latest music releases. Buzzfeed also reports that plans for the new service have been confirmed by five music industry sources.

The new streaming service will work in much the same way as Amazon’s Prime on-demand video service with subscribers being able to get access to a selection of tracks from albums and singles that Amazon have licensed from music labels at a discount.

It is not clear exactly when the new streaming service will launch, but it is likely to be in June or July 2014.

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