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DV247 Attempts To Clarify Marketing Mess

Article Ref: #DV247ClearsMarketingMess

DV247 Logo

After a massive shock for all the Digital Village store closures came as a big enough hit without the banner strewn across the DV247 homepage rubbing salt into the wounds with the words 'Today We're Much Bigger'. However, instead of removing or amending this the DV247 web marketing team decide to issue a press release with the title 'DV247 Is Not In Administration'.

Contained within this statement is some of the facts that they should have made it's loyal customers aware of in the first place; being that White Rabbit Records Ltd, the separate owners of Digital Village stores, 'found itself in an untenable situation and went into administration. This led to the unfortunate loss of several fantastic stores and valued staff members, whose hard work will always be appreciated and remembered. This unavoidable loss is deeply regretted. We wish every single person who has found themselves without a job the very best in the future, and this situation does not in any way reflect negatively on them'. Now the above statement is all well and good but if you read the Administration statement it clearly demonstrates that on the day that the Digital Village stores closed, the Romford and online business was promptly sold to the German 'Music Store GmbH' to keep the business going. DV247 quote that this 'allows us to offer more than ever to our customers while retaining our level of service and existing warranties in the UK'.

I don't quite know if DV247 have actually thought much about the fact that loyal in-store customers are still in a period of mourning from the prompt and unexpected news but it would have been nice to have a tribute or clarification as to what happened. The 'Today We're Much Bigger' banner and 'check out our new fully automated warehouse with millions of pounds of stock' has still not been removed and their reasoning for this might be to either satisfy the new buyer or to draw a line in the sand for the future.

Whatever the reasoning is DV247 have stated that they will continue to honour all existing orders, three-year warranties, price-match guarantees and pre-sales advice so this will come as some relief. With this said I still believe that the marketing is shameful either way and the opinion still stands. For more information please visit DV247's press release HERE.

Edd Harris