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Welcome to The Pro Audio Web Blog! This is the definitive Pro-Audio and Hi-Fi website that is built around you. Here we offer you a place you network, provide you with only the most exclusive and latest relevant music industry news, reviews that give you a real understanding into how a product functions, a clear explanation and exploration of pro-audio practices, exclusive interviews, and tutorials that take you to the heart of the action.

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Twitter Handed ‘Junk’ Status By S&P

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 24th November 2014

Twitter’s shares have fallen dramatically following Standard and Poor’s latest rating; S and P have given the social media giant’s debt levels “junk status”. The US-Based ratings agency cited Twitter’s $1.8bn September debt problem as the reason for the poor rating. According to the BBC, S&P gave Twitter a BB- grading, which places it beneath investment grades. However, S and P also made it clear that it was Twitter’s drive for growth and its recent investments and sluggish earnings…


Twitter Handed ‘Junk’ Status By S&P

BitTorrent Launches PayGate For Artists

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 26th November 2014

Following the success of Thom Yorke’s ‘Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes’ BitTorrent bundle, which has sold more than 4 million units, the company has announced that it is to allow all artists to make paid for content available through its platform via a paygate. To mark the official launch of the paygate, which will allow artists to charge a fee for bundles, the file sharing site has made the 2004 album Florida by Diplo available. The 11-track album achieved 1.2 million downloads so far, and it is currently available…


BitTorrent Launches PayGate For Artists Twitter Handed ‘Junk’ Status By S&P BitTorrent Launches PayGate For Artists

Vinyl Album Sales Soar - Best For Two Decades

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 5th December 2014

Figures newly released by the BPI show that vinyl is truly making a comeback. Many artists are choosing to issue their albums in vinyl format, which has led to sales reaching 1 million for the first time in nearly two decades. Vinyl sales made the million milestone in November 2014; with the Christmas spending period, which is crucial to sales figures, the BPI predicts that total vinyl figures for 2014 will reach 1.2 million. This will be the best performance for vinyl since the 1996 Britpop…


Vinyl Album Sales Soar - Best For Two Decades

Apple Anti-Trust Lawsuit Begins

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 8th December 2014

A billion-dollar anti-trust lawsuit against Apple has begun in the United States. The company is being accused of using “unfair tactics” to enable it to stay ahead of their rivals in the digital music business. Attorneys are representing 8 million Apple iPod users and resellers; emails sent by the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs are playing a crucial role in the case. It is alleged that Apple began an internal campaign once they learned that a competitor was preparing to launch a new service that…


Apple Anti-Trust Lawsuit Begins Vinyl Apple Logo