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Independent Record Labels Sign Fair Deals Declaration

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It has long been argued that indie artists don’t get a fair deal when it comes to royalties for their music or signing contracts, which is why more than 700 independent record labels from around the world have come together to demand fairer contracts when it comes to digital music deals.

The Fair Deals Declaration calls for better transparency, and asks that independent artists should be treated equally when it comes to dealing with the likes of Internet giants such as YouTube, iTunes and Spotify.

YouTube is just one platform that has come under criticism in recent months for offering a poorer deal to indie artists – a move that has caused a storm of protests and could ultimately see indie artists having their videos removed from the Google-owned site. Among those signing the Declaration include the Seattle-based Subpop, Beggars Group and XL.

Under the Fair Digital Deals Declaration, companies would have to clearly explain digital revenues to artists in the royalty statements as well as in the contracts the artists sign when making a deal. The Declaration also challenges the use of unattributed digital revenue, which is often withheld from independent artists.

Moreover, the Declaration calls for greater rights for independent artists when it comes to challenging the unauthorised use of their music. Indie artists often lose out on revenues because of their music being used without their permission, and many artists find that they are not in a position to challenge the unauthorised use of their music.

Often, major record labels do not share the benefits of their digital deals with the artists. However, the 700 plus indie record labels that have signed the Declaration have all pledged that they will share revenues with independent artists and give full transparency over any of the digital agreements with their artists.

Artists can keep up to date with the Declaration by following @winformusic on Twitter. To find out more CLICK HERE

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