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Welcome to The Pro Audio Web Blog! This is the definitive Pro-Audio and Hi-Fi website that is built around you. Here we offer you a place you network, provide you with only the most exclusive and latest relevant music industry news, reviews that give you a real understanding into how a product functions, a clear explanation and exploration of pro-audio practices, exclusive interviews, and tutorials that take you to the heart of the action.

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Biffy Clyro Chord Hugo

UK PM Announces UK Music Video Censorship

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 20th August 2014

Some time ago, Prime Minister David Cameron made a pledge to prevent children from viewing unsuitable content online. Now, as part of that commitment, David Cameron has announced that from October some online videos will come with an age classification. The pilot scheme will involve YouTube, Vevo and the British Board of Film Classification. The prime minister said that online videos should be subject to the same conditions as offline material and he also said that he banned…


UK Prime Minister Announces Music Video Censorship

SoundCloud Announces Revenue Sharing

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 26th August 2014

SoundCloud, the online audio distribution platform based in Berlin, has announced plans to share its profits with its users. SoundCloud made the announcement in a recent blog post and it will begin by rolling out the programme to a small section of its creators first. The new initiative is called On SoundCloud, according to the blog post. A small number of creators will be invited to take part and become “Premium Partners” the site will begin to introduce advertising from “selected partners…


NME Circulation Figures Continue to Fall YouTube SoundCloud

Festicket Announces New Round of Funding

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 13th September 2014

Festicket has announced that they have been given an additional $2.7 million in funding. The funding comes from two European venture capital firms, Wellington Partners and PROfounders Capita, as well as Windcrest Partners, Playfair Capital, KIMA and Jacques -Antoine Granjon. The online music platform, which allows music fans to book tickets for music festivals around the world, is now Europe’s largest live music travel platform and works with more than 200 music festivals throughout…


Festicket Announces New Round of Funding

U2 Album Giveaway Causes a Stir

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 15th September 2014

It seems that some music fans aren’t impressed with a free give away that was launched shortly after Apple announced plans for the new iPhone 6. While most people have heard of U2, it seems that many people haven’t, and they were less than impressed when they were given a free U2 album. The album is available to anyone with an active iTunes account and to anyone who signs up in the next five weeks, however, some people found that the album was already appearing in their music library…


U2 Album Giveaway Causes a Stir Festicket Logo Apple U2