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Welcome to The Pro Audio Web Blog! This is the definitive Pro-Audio and Hi-Fi website that is built around you. Here we offer you a place you network, provide you with only the most exclusive and latest relevant music industry news, reviews that give you a real understanding into how a product functions, a clear explanation and exploration of pro-audio practices, exclusive interviews, and tutorials that take you to the heart of the action.

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New Music Release Dates To Be Standardised

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 28th February 2015

It has been announced that from the summer of 2015, new music releases will be standardised. New singles and albums will be issued at 00:01 internationally every Friday at local time so music lovers worldwide will know exactly when to look out for the latest releases. The announcement comes after consultations between unions, artists, retailers, record companies and artists. Representatives for thousands of record companies across the globe were involved with the consultations…


New Music Release Dates To Be Standardised

WHO Urges People To Limit Music Listening

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 5th March 2015

The World Health Organisation has issued a report warning teenagers and young adults to curb their music listening habits to sixty minutes a day to limit the risk of suffering hearing loss. According to statistics from WHO, more than 1 billion teenagers and young adults are in danger of suffering from some degree of hearing loss due to listening to loud music, and it is the popularity of personal audio devices like MP3 players and iPods, and smartphones that are causing the concerns…


WHO Urges People To Limit Music Listening New Music Release Dates To Be Standardised WHO Urges People To Limit Music Listening

Music Boss Fears Free Music Servics

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 16th March 2015

Free music streaming is fast taking over and it continues to grow in popularity among music fans, but at the Mobile World Congress debate, which was held in Barcelona in early March, Lohan Presencer from the Ministry of Sound spoke out against streaming services such as Spotify and Deezer. During the debate, Prescencer made clear his concerns over the freemium model and stated he could not see how it was going to be sustainable. Prescencer also went on to say he did not believe…


Music Boss States Fears Over Free Music Services Music Boss States Fears Over Free Music Services

Apple Could Soon Dominate Music Streaming

The Pro Audio Web Blog - 7th April 2015

While Apple is preparing for the re-launch of its Beats acquired streaming service, a new survey by Midas has revealed just how ground-breaking the service could be for the music streaming industry. The new service has been made possible by Apple’s acquisition of Dr Dre’s Beats Music business, which was announced in 2014; if the success of Apple’s music streaming goes as the survey indicates, then it is predicted it could become the largest service of its kind in the world…


Apple Could Soon Dominate The Music Streaming Market Apple Stream